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Quality of our Bison meat

We don't believe in feedlots, dehorning, or castrating our animals and they are never treated with antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or any other substances. We are quite attached to our animals and care immensely about how they are treated. We haven't actually certified them organic simply because organic hay is not an option for us locally and we won't truck it long distances. Otherwise, our animals are treated in an organic manner. All of the bison that we sell are born here, raised by us on native grasses and hay, and we personally oversee the butchering. At no time are our animals ever in anyone else's care, so it is easy for us to be absolutely certain what has been done with them

Ways we sell Bison meat

Typically, we sell our bison by the quarter of an animal. A "quarter" of a bison really means one fourth of all of the cuts, not a quarter as in front quarter, hindquarter, etc. Thus, one quarter of a bison will include T-bone steaks, rib steaks, Round Steaks, various types of roasts, stew meat, and burger. Quarters are sold by the hanging weight (the weight of an animal after it is skinned and gutted) plus the cost of processing and butchering.

Meat Prices

Contact us for our meat prices.

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