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We have been raising bison since 1995. Our inspiration to raise bison came from working as wildlife consultants with the Fort Belknap Wildlife Department on bison and prairie dog management. We were fascinated with bison, and at Fort Belknap it was possible to glimpse back to a time when bison were the dominant native ungulate roaming the Montana prairies. Wacheena, our first calf, came from Fort Belknap and started our life with bison. She was soon joined by bison from 2 other Montana herds to form a happy herd of 5 adult cows and 1 bull. Years later, our herd is now being maintained at about 50 bison made up of our herd bull (Wooly Bully), about twenty cows (most of them named), and their calves and yearlings.

Our philosophy on raising bison is that they should live in a clean environment and have room to roam without intensive human interference. We don't treat our bison with pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics, and they are not branded, dehorned, or neutered. Each of our adult bison are individuals with their own personalities and we recognize them all based on body and horn characteristics. We let the mothers decide when to wean their calves and the bison remain a cohesive herd of mixed ages and sexes year long. Within the limits of our property, we keep them as naturally as possible. During the growing season, they feed on a variety of pasture and native grasses and in winter they are supplemented with quality local hay.

Our bison are located on Wild Echo Bison Reserve - 480 acres in the Big Belt Mountains southeast of Townsend, Montana. The heart of this property is a series of artesian mountain springs, surrounded by native willows, that gush clear, ice cold water. This land of grassy meadows, aspen groves, and forested hillsides, will be ecologically managed for our bison, as well as providing a home for the current resident wildlife. Our goal is to supply yearling bison to the Real Food Market, our favorite store in Helena, Montana while maintaining an environmentally friendly wildlife sanctuary on the reserve.

Our experience with raising bison is that flavorful, quality meat can be produced without all of the pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and grain associated with corporate agriculture. Remarkably, the real benefit of raising quality meat in an ecologically friendly way, is that one gets naturally healthy and happy animals too.

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